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Table Of Contents

CHAPTER 1 - Laying the Groundwork for a Strong, Successful Business

  • Write a Mission Statement
  • Research is Essential to Your Success
  • Take Notes
  • It Takes Initiative and Passion
  • Have a Willingness to Learn What You Don’t Know
  • Involve Your Family in Your Business
  • Building a Business Takes Time

CHAPTER 2 - Writing Your Business Story

  • What is a Business Plan? Describe Your Business
  • Describe the Market
  • Describe Your Financial Plan
  • Describe Your Business Management Plan
  • What if You Want to Buy an Existing Business?
  • What About Work From Home Ads?

CHAPTER 3 - Getting Your Personal Finances in Shape to Help Your Business

  • Find the Money
  • Know Your Personal Income
  • A Closer Look at Budget Categories
  • Plug Spending Leaks and Make Adjustments Where Necessary
  • Track Your Expenses
  • Credit

CHAPTER 4 - Finding the Money to Run a Business

  • Using Your Own Money
  • Using Other People’s Money

CHAPTER 5 - Finding the Right Advice: People and Businesses Who Can Help You

  • Contact an Attorney
  • Contact a Certified Public Accountant
  • Contact a Financial Institution
  • Register the Name of Your Business
  • Contact City, County and State Agencies
  • Contact the Department of Revenue
  • Contact the Department of Health
  • Contact the Department of Labor
  • Find a Location for Your Business
  • Advice from Friends, Family and Others

CHAPTER 6 - Understanding Your Business Finances

  • Keep Business and Personal Finances Separate
  • Managing a Business Checking Account
  • Keep Track of Your Business Books
  • Your Chart of Accounts
  • When to See Your Accountant
  • Preparing a Business Budget
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Tips to Improve Cash Flow
  • Internal Controls Protect Your Business

CHAPTER 7 - Office Organization: The Key to Having Everything You Need When You Need It

  • Items for Your Business Box
  • Items for Your Personal Box
  • Phone and Internet Service
  • Setting up Your Office
  • Office Equipment List
  • Office Supplies List
  • Managing Your Time

CHAPTER 8 - Branding and Marketing: Creating the Right Image to Attract Customers

  • Branding Your Business: Who Are You?
  • Designing a Logo and Business Cards
  • Marketing: Reaching Out to Potential Customers
  • Networking
  • Web Sites
  • Social Media: Reach Your Customers Online
  • Working with the Media

CHAPTER 9 - Resources: Where to Go When You Have Questions

  • Small Business Development Center
  • Business Advice and Resources
  • Government Sites
  • Credit/Finance
  • Home-Based Businesses
  • Social Media Resources
  • Online Magazines
  • Employee Issues
  • Trade Show Information
  • When You Run a Business, Ask for Help When You Need It

CHAPTER 10 - A Checklist for Starting Your Business